Chuck.E.cheese The movie is a film released in March 16, 2015. it was released on blue ray and Dvd in june 20, 2015
Hey kids look! its chuck e cheese starring in his own movie 2015

Movie poster for 2015



One day at chuck.e.cheese. Charles is Eating A slice of pizza. While his BFF munch is playing the guitar beside him. Charles makes a comment saying that everyone is going to Freddy fazbear's pizza instead of chuck.e.cheese. Charles starts to sob. All they children are going there instead of our resturant. chuck. e cheese knows the secret of Freddy fazbears pizza. Its haunted. Then Jasper yells out that Freddy fazbear's pizza is haunted. all the children are scared and jasper is fired for scaring the children. just then. Two Bad guys spawn in the resturant. one looks like A giant pizza and one looks like A purple dinosuar. Munch remembers  the purple dinosuar. that was barney. His rival in pizza school. the evil pizza has a lazer gun  AKA the pizza overloard. one who has tried to take over chuck.e.cheese ever since it was created. Munch and charles have to stop the 2 of them. With freinds from another universe. PIZZA OVERLOARD BEWARE!!!!


  • Jaret reddit as charles
    Hqdefault (12)

    From chuck.e.cheese movie

  • Scott wilson as Mr. Munch
  • Jason mardsen as Jusitin Beaver
  • Robert gotcher as Jasper
  • Nancy lenihan as Helen
  • Earl fisher as pasqually

    From chuck.e.cheese the movie

  • Racheal lilis as chansey
  • Jeffrey rath as Link
  • Recheal lillis as chansey
  • Jim parsons as pizza overloard
  • Bob west as Barney


  • This is The first time that chansey and Link meet in person
  • It turns out that Munch and Barney are rivals
  • It also turns out that barney wanted to Work At chuck.e.cheese. but he failed the class and Got on PBS where his show was criticized And he was called self Centered
  • Pizza overloard is voiced by Jim parsons. Who stars in big bang theroy
  • This is The first Chuck.e.cheese movie in theaters

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